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About Us

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Allen Tate is your mortgage expert – and so much more.

There's a good chance you will begin your relationship with Allen Tate Company through a Realtor or a Mortgage Consultant. And nothing makes our jobs more rewarding than to help our clients buy, sell or finance a home. But throughout your homeownership life-cycle, you'll come to know Allen Tate as a trusted resource who is there for you at every step along the way:

  • Refinance – As you enjoy your new home, your Allen Tate Mortgage Consultant will keep you informed when lower interest rates are available – and help you understand the costs vs. benefits of refinancing.
  • Re–insurance – You need an annual insurance "check up" to make sure your coverage is adequate to cover the replacement value of your home and contents. An Allen Tate Insurance Agent will make sure you’re getting the best rates and coverage.
  • Remodel – How do home improvements impact resale value? Your Allen Tate Realtor can advise which improvements will give you the biggest return on investment and those that can actually be a detriment when it’s time to sell.
  • Re–valuation – A smart homeowner keeps an eye on the market to monitor home values and recent sales in their neighborhood. Your Allen Tate Realtor can provide you with Market Report, a customized e–mail tool to put the latest market trends directly in your hands.
  • Repair – Allen Tate Home Services can connect you with licensed, insured vendors who can help you with maintenance, repairs and remodeling – and even take care of your "honey do" list.
  • Re–assess – When you receive your annual property assessment, what does this mean? Is it fair? What can you do if it’s not what you expected? Your Allen Tate Realtor can help you understand your assessment and advise how this may affect the resale of your home.
  • Referrals – If you have friends or family who are moving – across town or across the country – your Allen Tate Realtor can help them sell their home or find their next home. If your company is expanding or relocating, Allen Tate Relocation Services is a great resource to make their move stress–free.
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